A sleeve to make your iPhone a Mac

Every day we are surprised more accessories, and get all the gadgets that have become things that are not, and we allow for maximum versatility. And today we want to talk about one of those accessories curious that in this case are designed for the Apple tablet, the new iPad. Want to know which see in the picture?

Actually there are many cases for the iPhone, almost as many that could do a good list, but this case you see in the picture is different from all others, and it is a crucial thing because they've gotten an iPad becomes a Macbook. Do not you have seen in the screenshot? For it was not a computer, a tablet was adapted to this case.

Actually this particular accessory to make your iPhone get a Mac because it is a case made ​​of aluminum which includes a keyboard very similar to that comes with Apple computers, and as seen can save when we are not using and lets us use the keyboard at all times, something that many users of tablets missing from the touch screens.

And I am convinced that more than one has managed to stay more than shocked, but so far has only been announced for the Japan market and who is the distributor sells Rakuten. The price is $ 75 that the change is still about 59 euros. So far no date has been announced to reach the Spanish market, but I love to see this curious case for the iPad. What do you think? Want to make your tablet computer with IOS clear rolling?

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