Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is great

Today we will talk about breeding, because the truth is that since Apple launched the iPod, managed to revolutionize the world as he did in his time with his Sony Walkman. However, although still the undisputed kings and all we have in mind the iPod as the fashionable device, there are those who intended to stop him as competition. Let's see what that offers us far Samsung , with Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6

As we have seen in the screenshot, the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 has a very interesting design, and we're going to tell them what are the technical features that come with this player, which seems willing to stand up to Apple. Do you want to know?

The truth is that among its features include its plastic body comes with a 3.6 inch screen of 480 x 320 pixel resolution. It also comes with a single-core processor 1GHz Cortex A8. So far so good, and the benefits are in addition to the possibility of using existing applications using WiFi calling, and most have a mobile.

But not everything could be perfect truth is that the weight of the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 is 0.3 ounces heavier than the iPod Touch, but the truth placed in the hands barely noticeable, even if they are touchy is a disadvantage to Apple. Before concluding, it is worth mentioning the price, something that makes you strong in front of the iPod Touch because it costs less. We talked about the $ 149 to the terminal which sells Samsung, compared with $ 199 iPod. Does this sound right about the price, or are still staying with the apple?

The computer comes with an integrated Kinect

If you are among those who believe that the world of computers has much to learn from the console, and both can be supplemented to achieve a true marvel of invention, we might have already found, or at least it seems. This is how we present at first the Sony Vaio Seri E 14P, the nuvo laptop brand that are sure to surprise you.

What is the Sony Vaio P Series E 14 with no other computers? For as we have said, has learned the lesson of the consoles, and actually incorporates a fixture on the inside able to let us control many of the functions from your camera, like a Kinect of Microsoft it were, although in this case the idea is to Sony.

However, it is just the accessory that makes the new Sony Vaio computer more interesting in terms of market developments, but it also comes in various colors which can be adapted to almost everyone: the classic black, the flattering white or pink romantic.