Guide of Converting VOB videos to MP4 without iMovie on Mac

You may have some VOB files and want to convert them to MP4 for your iDVD or Final Cut Pro on Mac. Follow this guide of Mac VOB to MP4 Converter to finish your goal.

For Mac users, there may be some troubles for owning some videos that can't be played or accepted by Mac OS X, even the Mac software, such as iDVD, iMovie and Final Cut Pro. These videos commonly includes MKV, WMV, AVI, MTS, FLV and VOB, etc.

For Example, when you got VOB files from the DVD Discs, and you want to edit them in order to import them into Final Cut Pro or play them with QuickTime, firstly what you should do is converting the VOB files to the video formats accepted by FCP or QuickTime Player.
So how to convert VOB files on Mac as your need? Here you can try out the third-party software Mac VOB to MP4 Converter, which is a cool Media Converter for Mac users. Just follow the step by step guide to Convert VOB files to MP4 on Mac for editing them with Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

1. Run Mac VOB to MP4 Converter and Import VOB files to it
You can directly drag the VOB files need converted to the left video list of this Mac VOB to MP4 Converter. It can be previewed in the video frame. Click on "Merge into One File" and it can merge several videos to one file as you need.

2. Choose MP4 format from "Video Formats" as the output format
If you don't know which video format can be accepted by Apple software, such as iMovie or Final Cut Pro, just select the right Apple Software, and it will have the right format. For example, if you choose "Final Cut Pro", the output video format will be MP4. And it also can be played by QuickTime.

3. Convert VOB videos to MP4 on Mac without losing quality.
After your optional editing and setting, you can begin to convert VOB files to MP4 on Mac as your need. Click on "Start" and it will spend several minutes as the sizes of VOB files.
When the conversion finished, you can edit them with Final Cut Pro or iMovie, you can also enjoy them on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or just QuickTime player.


How to Play AVI files on Mac OS for free with QuickTime?

Anyone got AVI played on QuickTime X? I upgraded to snow leopard, installed Perian and now the AVI files I have no longer work. The only .avi file I got to work was one that was converted (originally a .mov file). --- Brooklyn
AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft as part of its Video for Windows technology. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. Like the DVD video format, AVI files support multiple streaming audio and video.
QuickTime has released the tenth generation for itself. However, when it begins to play AVI on QuickTime, there are still many situations happens, which troubles Mac users a lot. We provide several methods to solve the problems of playing and editing AVI file on Mac for free. Here goes the free solution.

Solution 1: Perian

Some third party plug-ins for the player can help to play the AVI files on Mac unrecognized for free. So the first method is to search some plug-in to support your player. One of the most popular components is Perian.
Perian is an open source plug-in which enables QuickTime to play several popular video formats not supported natively by QuickTime on Mac OS X, such as AVI, FLV, MKV, GVI, VP6, and VFW.
If your AVI file is still on strike, try to uninstall your old QuickTime Version and download the latest QuickTime version and install the latest version of Perian to play AVI files on Mac for free.

Solution 2: Select some other compatible players

The second method is to find a compatible player. There are some other players which run perfectly on Mac OS X. VLC is one of them.
VLC media player is a free and open source media player and multimedia framework written by the VideoLAN project. This multimedia player, as well as encoder or streamer supports many audio and video formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, MPEG-1, MP3, OGG, AAC...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It is able to stream over networks and to transcode multimedia files and save them into various formats. VLC Media Player is also one of the most platform-independent media players available, with versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU, Linux, BeOS, and BSD.
In a word, VLC is a nice choice for playing AVI on Mac for free.

Solution 3: Convert AVI to MOV on Mac and playback with QuickTime

Another best method is to convert AVI files to the Mac native formats, just like MOV. Converting AVI to MOV on Mac not only allows you enjoy and play AVI videos on Mac; you can also edit it in iMovie. Mac AVI to MOV Converter will help you finish this work breezily.
By using Mac Video Converter, you can easily convert your AVI files to MOV on Mac with several clicks and even edit it with iMovie.


The best and simplest way to Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac

What is MP4?
Short for MPEG-4 Part 14, an MP4 format is a file format for playing music and videos. The MP4 (.mp4) file format was published in 2001 as the revision of the MPEG-4. MP4 is an iPod compatible format, and also iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. Converting your videos to this format allows you to upload these MP4 files to your Apple Devices or some other MP4 Players and watch them on the go! The MP4 format delivers DVD-quality video in much smaller file sizes. That's why this MP4 format becomes widely accepted by lots of portable players.

How to Convert AVI files to MP4 on Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard?
MP4 format is popular nowadays with various portable MP4 players such as iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV, PSP and Creative Zen Vision etc. If you want to watch the AVI videos shared from your friends or download from Network in your portable player, you firstly should convert AVI videos to MP4 in order to be compatible with your MP4 players.
Especially for Mac users, it is helpful since MP4 format is directly based upon Apple’s QuickTime container format.
Mac AVI to MP4 Converter specially designed for Mac users, which supports import various video formats to convert these videos to MP4 on Mac. Apart from converting AVI to MP4 on Mac, this cool Mac Video Converter can also convert other video formats to MP4, such as MKV, AVI, MOV, M4V, WMV, FLV, MTS and M2TS to MP4 on Mac.

Firstly, import AVI Videos and Select MP4 as the Output Format
Select the “File” menu from menu bar, and then choose “Add Video files" to select the AVI files you want to convert to MP4 format. You can also drag the .avi files to the video files list. If you want to join several clips together to a complete MP4 file, just tick the small box of "Merge into One".

Secondly, make a Customized MP4 Video via the Powerful Editing Functions
Mac AVI to MP4 Converter provides four editing functions, as we have seen, to edit videos before converting AVI to MP4 on Mac through the following functions: Trim, Crop, Rotation and Video Adjustments. By clicking the different buttons you can achieve different functions here. In the editing interface with real time preview, we can rotate the AVI files as we need.

Thirdly, start to convert AVI Videos to MP4 on Mac
After you edit the AVI files before converting, the last and simplest step is to click "Start" and start converting your AVI to MP4 on Mac. When the conversion is finished, you can enjoy the AVI videos on your iMac or the MP4 Players.


Wonderful guide for Mac user to convert VOB to MOV on iMac

I'm trying to convert some .vob files in order to import them into QuickTime for play on Mac. And also hope without losing quality during converting. Are there any good programs for my Mac I can download that will do this for me?
For Mac fans, it will be annoyed when playing VOB videos with QuickTime - the VOB files cannot be imported to QuickTime at all! How can we do?
In fact, VOB files comprise the main video contents of a DVD, including the main chapters and tracks you see in the menu. Typically, the largest VOB file is the feature movie. If you want to play VOB files successfully on QuickTime, the best solution is to convert the files to MOV format.

When converting VOB files to MOV, video conversion program is needed, here we recommend Video Converter for Mac - the most easy to use yet video converter.

Please follow the steps to convert VOB files to QuickTime MOV on Mac.

1.Run Mac Video Converter and import VOB files
After launching the program, drag the VOB files you want to convert to the program directly. If want to load multiple files, go to "File "Menu on the top and click "Add Video Files" to load them at a time.

2.Choose MOV format as the output video format
Click the device icon behind the file thumbnail, and it will allow you to choose the MOV format as the output video format.
Tips: In order to find the converted MOV files easily, you can rename it on "Output Name".

3.Personalize the VOB Videos
If want to get your exclusive special video effect, click "Options" from the small pop –up table to personalize video quality, Resolution, frame rate, audio quality, Bit rate and so on .Once settled, they can't be altered. Make the best choice!

4. Convert VOB files to MOV on Mac
After your editing for the VOB videos, just click on "Start" to convert VOB files and you will get the MOV files after several minutes. The conversion time between VOB to MOV on Mac lies on the size of VOB files.
When process has been done, you can sync your MOV to iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.


Tips on Converting VOB Videos to AVI on Mac OS X

As we know, VOB (Video Object) is a container format in DVD-Video media, which is based on MPEG-2 program stream format. VOB files are a very strict subset of the MPEG program stream standard. While all VOB files are MPEG program streams, not all MPEG program streams comply with the definition for a VOB file. And in most cases, you may want to Convert VOB files to other video formats (AVI, MOV, MP4 or MKV) for the portable players like Xbox, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad on your Mac.
If you have copied the VOB files from DVD Discs, and also want to convert these VOB files to AVI on your Mac, how to easily accomplished your goal without losing the quality of the video?

Here we recommend Mac VOB to AVI Converter, will help you get AVI videos from VOB files on your iMac. You can customize the VOB files before converting video via powerful editing functions of this program.

Step 1. Add VOB files to the VOB to AVI Converter for Mac
After you run it, directly drag VOB files you want to convert into the left video list of Mac VOB Converter. Or you can click "Add Video Files" from "File" Menu. Mac VOB to AVI Converter also provides a preview window for the imported videos; you can preview them before the conversion.

Step 2. Choose the right output video format AVI as you need
Click on the device icon behind the video thumbnail to select the right video format, if you don't know which format you need, just find the right device player you have.

Step 3. Customize and Convert VOB files to AVI on Mac OS X
Click on "Start" and begin to convert VOB files with Mac VOB to AVI Converter, the conversion time is dependent up on the size of VOB file. Just has a rest or a coffee, and then you can enjoy your AVI videos on your Xbox or some other places.
PS: You can also get customized videos by editing videos before the conversion; Mac Video Converter provides four editing functions: Trimming, Cropping, Rotation and Video Adjustments.


The Easiest Way to Convert MP4 videos to YouTube FLV files on Mac

Why some MP4 files can’t be accepted by YouTube?
YouTube as a popular platform for sharing the videos among the web, only supports several video formats, such as WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4(iPod/PSP), FLV(adobe flash), MKV (.H.264). So if we want to upload some MP4 videos from friends to share with more people from all over the world via internet! We should ensure that these MP4 videos can be accepted by YouTube before the uploading.
However, some MP4 files can’t be uploaded to the online video-hosting site is unavoidable for its video coding format.
So what we should do if the MP4 format can’t be uploaded to YouTube, maybe we need to convert MP4 to FLV compatible with YouTube first.

How to Convert MP4 Videos to FLV on Mac for Mac users?
As we know, iMovie and FCP as the Mac converter from Apple can’t export FLV from MP4, so we need some third-party software to finish the work. Aimersoft Video Converter for Mac is versatile third party software that converts MP4 to FLV with high quality and speed; it will help us achieve this without any difficulty.
Free download MP4 to FLV Converter for Mac to convert your MP4 files for YouTube with a high quality.

1. Launch Mac MP4 Converter and Import MP4 videos
Run this Mac MP4 Video to FLV Converter after your installed it. Click “Add Video Files” from “File” Menu to add MP4 files you want to convert, or just directly drag them to the video list.
You can preview the video before the editing and conversion.

2. Edit your videos before Conversion from MP4 to FLV.
Mac MP4 Converter provides powerful editing function, such as Trimming, Cropping, Rotation and Video Adjustments. It is cool to upload customized videos to YouTube, for example, you can rotate the MP4 videos as your need. You can edit the video with a real time preview during your editing.

3. Convert MP4 videos to YouTube FLV on Mac OS X
Click on “Start” to Convert MP4 to FLV after you finished the editing, it will take several minutes as the length of video. And then you can upload your videos onto YouTube and share them with people from the rest of the world.


Free Tips on getting AVI files from MP4 videos on Mac

"I'd love to put several video clips into my iRiver PMP and I need to convert those MP4 files into AVI format so that they could be compatible with my potable device. Can anyone recommend an MP4 to AVI Converter for Mac?"-----Cals.R
Many users always fall across the similar problem just like as Cals, Now the popular of Apple iMac, and there are also many problems for Mac users.
With lots of MP4 movies kept in your Mac, you may be interested in converting MP4 to AVI on Mac for your mobile phone or your iRiver PMP. There are little software can help us slove this problem, even iMovie, what we should do for Mac users.

Here I recommends a wonderful software for Mac users, Mac Video Converter , a cool Video encoder will help you convert MP4 to AVI on Mac.

Just follow this best free guide with Mac MP4 to AVI Converter to start converting MP4 files on Mac:

Step 1. Import the MP4 video files your want to convert

Go to menu bar, select "File" menu, and then choose “Add Video files" or “Add Audio files” to select the files you want to import. You can also directly drag the video files you want to convert to import into Mac Video Converter (it supports batch conversion, so you can import multiple files at a time).
You can import lots of video clips at one time because this mp4 to avi converter for Mac supports most popular formats on market such as MOV, MKV, WMV, MPG, FLV, 3GP, etc.

Step 2. Choose the output video formats
Choose your MP4 files, and preview it/them first. Click the device icon behind the video file in the video list, then you can select the output format for each added file as your need.

If you are converting several clips and you'd like to put them together, please tick "Merge into One File". Check your settings by clicking on "Option" button. You can either use the default values or input the parameter manually.

Step 3. Start to convert MP4 to AVI on Mac
Set your output file, and press "Start" button and start converting MP4 files to AVI on Mac! The actual conversion time depends on size of your original video.


Convert H.264 MP4 to MOV on Mac with MP4 to MOV Converter

The most interesting thing for the new iPod nano is that you can video camera everywhere. The output format is in H.264 MP4 format and when we try editing those H.264 MP4 video on Mac, sometimes it's impossible to import mp4 to iMovie or FCP because of different codec.
How to import mp4 to iMovie or FCP is a common puzzle for Mac users. iMovie and FCP will accept MOV format, and why not converting your MP4 to MOV on Mac?
H.264 mp4 converter for Mac, which tachnology is based on Mac operation system, convert MP4 to MOV on Mac without losing the high definition quality. It converts H.264 mp4 and mp4 video to mov on Mac. Also editing feature is one of its function. The latest version fully supports Snow Leopard on Mac and good compatibility promises a stable running environment on Mac OS X.

The step-by-step demonstration will guide you how to convert your H.264 mp4 to mov on Mac.
After you free download MP4 to MOV Converter for Mac, install and run it on your Mac.

Step 1: Import H.264 MP4 files and choose MOV output format
Click "Add Files" and a drop-down list will appear in front of you. Choose the wanted file and click "Open" so that you can import your mp4 and some other file onto the interface. Choose output format by clicking on "Format" column and choose “Common Video-MOV-QuickTime(*.mov)”. You can set an output path by click on "Output" and set your destination file here.

Step 2: Check the setting
Some of our customer are pretty careful about the video and audio settings. You can select "Settings" and check the parameters here. You can either use the default ones or manually input different ones.

Step 3: Edit your MP4 video
If you hit on “Effect” you can tune your video here. You can tune Brightness if your original video is a bit dark; also you can choose some special effects for your video.

Step 4: Convert MP4 to MOV on Mac
The simplest step is pressing convert button. Aimersoft H.264 Mac MP4 Converter will start converting MP4 to MOV on Mac automatically for you!


How to convert MTS/M2TS to MOV on Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

After a wonderful vacation you've just enjoyed with your family or your friend, what can be a good tool to play or edit those best memories that you captured in your high definition camera with iMovie?
As we know, HD Camcorder shoots mts video clips. Importing a MTS/M2TS file into iMovie is not a straightforward process, and you need to use the third party software - Mac MTS to MOV Converter, which can convert between popular video format (including Convert mts to mov mac, m2ts to mov mac) with high speed and excellent quality on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3.

What's more, this Mac MTS Converter enables you to trim and crop video clips, set video effects, preview in real-time, and even add watermark onto your video.
Below is the detailed guide on how to use this mts to mov converter mac, enjoy it now!

Free download MTS Converter for Mac software, install and run it.

Step 1: Import your MTS/M2TS files
Click "Add files" button on top of the window to import your MTS/M2TS files, or you can directly drag the MTS/M2TS videos to the playlist.

Step2: Choose output format
Click the "formats" icon on the thumbnail to choose the output format, here we choose "Common Video", then "MOV - QuickTime Movie".

Step3: Edit the MTS/M2TS Video
Just put your mouse on the video thumbnail, you can choose to trim the video, crop the size and even add special effects personalize your video from the edit menu.

Step4: Click "Start" button to convert MTS/M2TS Video to MOV

After your editing for your video, and then you can begin to convert to MOV on Mac while you press "start" button.

What is MTS/M2TS ?
The .m2ts file format is given to video/audio files created by certain Sony Camcorder models. An .m2ts file is a Sony high definition video file type. Panasonic, Canon and other brands of AVCHD camcorders also record in m2ts format. Currently, m2ts files can be played using the Picture Motion Browser, which is an application video player provided with Sony AVCHD camcorders.

Why MTS/M2TS to MOV?
MTS/M2ts files are raw AVCHD videos, and the main disadvantages are large-size and they can't be played on the common players such as Apple TV, Zune, PSP, PS3, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, and other video players. For the Mac users, even QuickTime and iMovie can’t support these formats. That is to say, you have to convert the MTS/M2TS files to other formats (e.g., MOV).


Best way about Converting FLV files to QuickTime M

Why convert FLV files to QuickTime(*.mov) ?
With lots of free YouTube and some other on-line video downloader, now we can download lots of FLV videos. We want to share them on our Mac with QUickTime, or we want to edit and remake it, but we can't even import it to those edit tools. Should we have to become scientists to solve this? No. As we know, QuickTime file extension is MOV, and when we want to watch something on QuickTime player, we'd better get an MOV file. Here what you have to do is to convert FLV to MOV on Mac. FLV to MOV Converter for Mac will help you solve this within a few clicks.

Free download Mac Video Converter, install and run it.

How to convert FLV files to QuickTime MOV files?

Step 1. FLV to MOV Converter for Mac supports FLV input format and MOV output format. Click "ADD Files" on the top, and choose your FLV file you want to convert. If you have several FLV files and you can use Mac FLV to MOV Converter software to put them together and get a complete MOV file, just check all the files and check the box in front of Merge into one. We suggest you preview first, in case it’s in the wrong order.

Step 2. Click "Format" at the bottom of the interface, and a dropdown list will appear in front you. Here you can choose your desired format. Here I'll take MOV-QuickTime (*.mov) as my targeted file extension. If you have no idea what kind of formats that your device will support, just choose according to the device's name.

Step 3. Before pressing "Convert" button, we advise you check the setting first. Click Setting on the right of Format. If you don't know how to set your video files, the original setting will work just fine.
Step 4.Press "Convert" button begin to Convert FLV to MOV on you Mac, and get your MOV file in no time!

What is an FLV file?
An FLV file stands for Flash Video, which is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player, offering high rates of compression yet ensuring the quality. Notable users of the Flash Video format include YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, MetaCafe, Reuters.com, and many other news providers.


How to Convert AVI Video to MOV on Mac with Mac AVI Converter

Why convert avi to mov?

Do you have such an experience? After loading an avi file on your Mac, you can't open it with QuickTime or iMovie. Or you opened it successfully but what you've got is only sound with a black screen? That's because an mov file is compatible with QuickTime Player and an avi file doesn't do such a good job as mov. In such situation, you need a Mac AVI Converter tool to convert avi file to the mov format.

How to convert avi to mov on Mac ?

There are lots of kinds of AVI Converter for Mac software on market. My experience is free download one, and try it. Here I'm going to take one Mac AVI Converter from them as an example. This versatile Mac AVI Converter allows you to convert avi to mov on Mac and edit your avi files on Mac. It's fast and stable, and it gives a full support to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Free download and try converting your avi to mov on Mac within seconds.

Firstly, you should download this Mac AVI to MOV Converter, install and run it, it's free.

Next Step, just click "Add" and choose your file from the playlist; you can either add several AVI Videos at one time or add only one or two. Preview your files before conversion (recommended). Select your avi file, and then click the “Format” to select the output format, just choose MOV-QuickTime (*.mov).

And then, If your avi file is huge, and you want to split it into several, you can click "Trim" and cut the whole into several segments. You can click "settings" and customize the output file settings as you like.

The Last Step: After everything’s ready, press “Convert”. This Mac AVI to MOV Converter will do the rest perfectly for you! Here are just few easy and simple steps to convert avi file into mov format.

Little Tips:
What is an .AVI file ?
AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. However, an avi file usually carries too much weight; that is to say, it occupies too much space on your computer.