How to Convert AVI Video to MOV on Mac with Mac AVI Converter

Why convert avi to mov?

Do you have such an experience? After loading an avi file on your Mac, you can't open it with QuickTime or iMovie. Or you opened it successfully but what you've got is only sound with a black screen? That's because an mov file is compatible with QuickTime Player and an avi file doesn't do such a good job as mov. In such situation, you need a Mac AVI Converter tool to convert avi file to the mov format.

How to convert avi to mov on Mac ?

There are lots of kinds of AVI Converter for Mac software on market. My experience is free download one, and try it. Here I'm going to take one Mac AVI Converter from them as an example. This versatile Mac AVI Converter allows you to convert avi to mov on Mac and edit your avi files on Mac. It's fast and stable, and it gives a full support to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Free download and try converting your avi to mov on Mac within seconds.

Firstly, you should download this Mac AVI to MOV Converter, install and run it, it's free.

Next Step, just click "Add" and choose your file from the playlist; you can either add several AVI Videos at one time or add only one or two. Preview your files before conversion (recommended). Select your avi file, and then click the “Format” to select the output format, just choose MOV-QuickTime (*.mov).

And then, If your avi file is huge, and you want to split it into several, you can click "Trim" and cut the whole into several segments. You can click "settings" and customize the output file settings as you like.

The Last Step: After everything’s ready, press “Convert”. This Mac AVI to MOV Converter will do the rest perfectly for you! Here are just few easy and simple steps to convert avi file into mov format.

Little Tips:
What is an .AVI file ?
AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. However, an avi file usually carries too much weight; that is to say, it occupies too much space on your computer.