Wonderful guide for Mac user to convert VOB to MOV on iMac

I'm trying to convert some .vob files in order to import them into QuickTime for play on Mac. And also hope without losing quality during converting. Are there any good programs for my Mac I can download that will do this for me?
For Mac fans, it will be annoyed when playing VOB videos with QuickTime - the VOB files cannot be imported to QuickTime at all! How can we do?
In fact, VOB files comprise the main video contents of a DVD, including the main chapters and tracks you see in the menu. Typically, the largest VOB file is the feature movie. If you want to play VOB files successfully on QuickTime, the best solution is to convert the files to MOV format.

When converting VOB files to MOV, video conversion program is needed, here we recommend Video Converter for Mac - the most easy to use yet video converter.

Please follow the steps to convert VOB files to QuickTime MOV on Mac.

1.Run Mac Video Converter and import VOB files
After launching the program, drag the VOB files you want to convert to the program directly. If want to load multiple files, go to "File "Menu on the top and click "Add Video Files" to load them at a time.

2.Choose MOV format as the output video format
Click the device icon behind the file thumbnail, and it will allow you to choose the MOV format as the output video format.
Tips: In order to find the converted MOV files easily, you can rename it on "Output Name".

3.Personalize the VOB Videos
If want to get your exclusive special video effect, click "Options" from the small pop –up table to personalize video quality, Resolution, frame rate, audio quality, Bit rate and so on .Once settled, they can't be altered. Make the best choice!

4. Convert VOB files to MOV on Mac
After your editing for the VOB videos, just click on "Start" to convert VOB files and you will get the MOV files after several minutes. The conversion time between VOB to MOV on Mac lies on the size of VOB files.
When process has been done, you can sync your MOV to iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.