Convert H.264 MP4 to MOV on Mac with MP4 to MOV Converter

The most interesting thing for the new iPod nano is that you can video camera everywhere. The output format is in H.264 MP4 format and when we try editing those H.264 MP4 video on Mac, sometimes it's impossible to import mp4 to iMovie or FCP because of different codec.
How to import mp4 to iMovie or FCP is a common puzzle for Mac users. iMovie and FCP will accept MOV format, and why not converting your MP4 to MOV on Mac?
H.264 mp4 converter for Mac, which tachnology is based on Mac operation system, convert MP4 to MOV on Mac without losing the high definition quality. It converts H.264 mp4 and mp4 video to mov on Mac. Also editing feature is one of its function. The latest version fully supports Snow Leopard on Mac and good compatibility promises a stable running environment on Mac OS X.

The step-by-step demonstration will guide you how to convert your H.264 mp4 to mov on Mac.
After you free download MP4 to MOV Converter for Mac, install and run it on your Mac.

Step 1: Import H.264 MP4 files and choose MOV output format
Click "Add Files" and a drop-down list will appear in front of you. Choose the wanted file and click "Open" so that you can import your mp4 and some other file onto the interface. Choose output format by clicking on "Format" column and choose “Common Video-MOV-QuickTime(*.mov)”. You can set an output path by click on "Output" and set your destination file here.

Step 2: Check the setting
Some of our customer are pretty careful about the video and audio settings. You can select "Settings" and check the parameters here. You can either use the default ones or manually input different ones.

Step 3: Edit your MP4 video
If you hit on “Effect” you can tune your video here. You can tune Brightness if your original video is a bit dark; also you can choose some special effects for your video.

Step 4: Convert MP4 to MOV on Mac
The simplest step is pressing convert button. Aimersoft H.264 Mac MP4 Converter will start converting MP4 to MOV on Mac automatically for you!