What Does Google's Acquire Of Motorola Mobility Imply For Android?

Google just announced that they may be purchasing Motorola Mobility for $12.five billion, but what will this imply for Google's Android OS, which is supposed to be an open software package platform.

In Google's announcement, Google has said that the obtain of Motorola Mobility will strengthen Google's patent portfolio, which they say will enable them to far better defend Android from ??anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple as well as other companies'.

Google Android

The patents that Google are talking about had been the Nortel patents which were bought for $4.five billion by a consortium of companies which incorporated, Apple, Microsoft as well as a variety of other businesses.

Google acquiring Motorola Mobility ought to give then a broad assortment of patents, and Google has said that the deal will also supercharge Android, and will increase the platform.

Google has announced that they intend to run Motorola Mobility as a separate company, but we wonder just how companies like Samsung, HTC, and a lot of a lot more will feel about Google's current buy.

We suspect that many in the producers of Android devices is going to be much less than delighted to hear that Google now owns one of their competitors.

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