Data recovery and the reason for existence

Explanation of the word

The term ‘Data Recovery’ means restoring of salvaging data from a repository that has been damaged physically or has become corrupt due to some reason. Whatever the cause may be, this term is used to refer the process of saving data when they have become inaccessible to the user from their original resting place. The word ‘repository’ or ‘storage media’ from where the data are to be recovered can refer to the hard disk of the computer, an external storage device, USB, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, solid state devices and any other electronic means of storage.

Need for data recovery

The most common need for data recovery arises when the Operating System has failed. This is usually on a single disk, OS system. In such cases data recovery, procedures require that all data present on one disk be copied on to another as quickly as possible in order to save the stored data. One of the ways to spare such crashes would be to partition the disk so that important data can be stored on a different location from the main OS system files.

The second most common reason why data recovery becomes essential is a compromised file system. Such a situation becomes complicated as it involves multiple operations like repairing the file system or rectifying corrupted software. Other reasons involving hardware recovery can be the replacement of a memory device and trying to salvage all possible data from the damaged hardware.

The third important reason according to sources from the online encyclopaedia is a ‘deleted’ file. This can be accidental – due to human error or could be deliberate – as in the case of espionage. In such cases data recovery becomes crucial to the success if a project. Deleted files are not usually deleted immediately. Usually it is only their references which are removed from the directory structure. The files themselves can be recovered of proper data recovery services are employed.

Methods employed to recover data

Many methods can be used to recover data from the situations mentioned above. Computer professionals specializing in data recovery often require more than one method to recover data completely from the damaged system. The first approach is to replace the physically damaged part in order to see if the system continues to behave in the same way as before – with access to all data files. Examples of such hardware repair methods can be to replace damaged Printed Circuit Boards or to perform a live PCB swap.

Software to do the job

There are many types of software which are capable of conducting data recovery successfully. One such software is the Wondershare Mac data recovery software. According to the Wondershare website, this software allows a person to “fully recover documents, emails, photos, videos and audio files.” This software is designed to be used with Windows 7, Vista, 2000 and XP OS systems. The advantage of this software is its simplicity. No prior experience is required to use this software and this fact makes the product attractive.

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